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Here’s How to Build a Culture of Engagement to Increase Retention

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Concerned about retaining and engaging your employees? You’re not alone! Shockingly, Gallup’s State of the Global Workplace 2022 report revealed that only 21% of employees are engaged at work. Factors contributing to this lack of engagement are numerous, and as we pointed out in our previous essay,  “Assumptions Impact Retention,” we believe that assumptions, specifically, organizations […]

Assumptions Impact Retention…

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of relationships and business. Why? Because assumptions can ruin relationships, reveal biases, and be perceived as a lack of care or consideration by the party on the receiving end of them.  Cambridge Dictionary defines assume as “to accept something to be true without proof or question”. When we assume, we actively erase the reality and […]

Is Hurry Hurting You?

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“Ma’am, this is your time, take it, you don’t have to rush” …. the words said to me by the check-out associate as the pressured feeling to pack my groceries quickly set in after glancing at the line behind me. As I left the store those 12 words began replaying in my mind and forced […]

Optimized for Employee Engagement?

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Is your organization optimized for employee engagement? For many, the answer is no. We’ll tell you why and what you can do to change your no into a yes… Employee engagement has been researched and studied extensively by academics, management consulting firms, and organizations around the globe for decades and while slight language variations may […]

Hacking 2023 & Beyond…Optimize Your Life With these Cheat Codes

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In the final gem of 2022, we encouraged you to reflect on the year’s “accomplishments and opportunity areas through the lens of your overall health”. Specific to overall health, we referred to “holistic health — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and any other related measurement that matters to you”. With Lunar New Year now days away, […]

Assessing 2022, How’d You Do?

Gregorian calendar year 2022 is preparing to come to a close and many end-of-year holiday (Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Omisoka) celebrations are either under way or are being meticulously planned for. However, amidst the celebrations, personal and/or business end-of-year reflections can begin to dominate our thoughts. While the practice of examining our actions, beliefs, thoughts, and […]

Cancel Culture Deserves this F…

For failure to demonstrate consistency in its application and create sustained change. FOMO, the other ‘f’ and once the primary concern amongst netizens, has been replaced by the fear of being “cancelled”. If recent headlines about artists changing song lyrics, celebrities, politicians, countries, brands, and everyday people being publicly shamed are any indication, this trend […]

The Keys to Personal and Business Optimization are…

You didn’t expect us to give it away in the first sentence, did you? 🙂 Before we share our keys to optimization, let’s chat about the barriers to optimization… Have you ever spent hours attempting to perfect an email, assignment, or project only to catch an error or misspelled word long after submission? Ugh, we […]

Navigating & Coaching Your Chapter tOO…

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Success, clarity, execution, balance, fulfilment, alignment, peace — or, fill in the word that best describes what you seek. Self-check:  Are you sinking, surviving, or thriving? One guarantee in life is that everyone navigates these stages and at times, all at once. Whether you’re sinking, surviving, or thriving; burnout, depression, anxiety, relational difficulties, motivational challenges, […]

Leadership Fail Statements: A Gemisode™ Series

Leadership Fails

Collective cringe-y or face-palm moments often follow a combination of ill-timed, inappropriate or willfully unaware statements made by those in positions of power and authority. In this series, we examine the impact of actual statements made by leaders around the globe in response to internal or external issues, which, at times, overlap. Alexander Pope first […]