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Hacking 2023 & Beyond…Optimize Your Life With these Cheat Codes

In the final gem of 2022, we encouraged you to reflect on the year’s “accomplishments and opportunity areas through the lens of your overall health”. Specific to overall health, we referred to “holistic health — physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and any other related measurement that matters to you”.

With Lunar New Year now days away, for the first post of Gregorian calendar year 2023, we invite you to move beyond reflection and begin developing a personal optimization strategy that will best position you to consistently engage in the behaviors, practices, attitudes, and mindset shifts needed to support your goals and wellness needs.

2023 is associated with universal number 7.  As you develop your optimization strategy, here are 7 helpful tips…

  1. You are the only person in control of you.
  2. Inaction is an action.
  3. You must be willing to engage with new people, experiences and environments to grow.
  4. “No” and/or “I’m unavailable” are complete sentences. You do not owe anyone, including your manager(s) detailed accounts of your personal life to justify why you are, or will be unavailable/out of the office (ooo).
  5. Follow through on the commitments you make to yourself, doing so will help others trust the commitments you make to them.
  6. Do not accept responsibility for behaviors and actions other than your own.
  7. Center your health, wellness, and peace above all else…including a paycheck.


And now, here are the personal, professional, and wellness optimization cheat codes you’ve been waiting for….

  1. CTRL + X – to cut out anything (behaviors, assumptions {about yourself and others} attitudes, limiting beliefs, biases, jobs, self-sabotaging habits, mindsets etc.) or anyone no longer serving you and your peace.
  2. CTRL + N – to open a new document (aka the new you) and map out your optimization development plan.
  3. CTRL + C – to copy the behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, and practices that center your well-being, growth, and peace while valuing and respecting others.
  4. CTRL + H – to find and replace the people, jobs, partners, actions, activities etc. no longer serving you.
  5. F1 – to ask for help and enlist accountability partners to support your journey.
  6. CTRL + Y – to repeat the above steps as often as you deem necessary.

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” ~ Dr. Maya Angelou

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