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Ride the Summer Wave: How to Build a Talent Pipeline that Makes a Splash

Ah, summer— The season’s vibrant energy encourages us to break free from our daily routines, explore new horizons, and embrace the limitless possibilities that lie ahead. In the spirit of breaking from routine, this Gem post will be our last until September 2023, as we take a break to prioritize intentional wellness. But don’t worry, before we go, we’re leaving you with actionable low-lift optimization strategies that will help you boost employee engagement and build the robust talent pipelines your team and company need! So, find a comfortable spot, get a refreshing drink of choice, and dive into this #Gem-packed guide to talent pipelining and acquisition….

To make the most of the season and build pipelines that make a splash, consider:

1. Internships: Igniting Potential: Internships are like rays of sunshine that illuminate untapped talent. They serve as valuable opportunities for early access and assessment of rising stars. By establishing internship programs that cater to a diverse range of candidates and offering both virtual and in-person options, you ensure inclusivity and provide opportunities for individuals with different circumstances to participate and positively contribute.

2. Rekindling Flames: Embracing Second Chances: Sometimes, the perfect match needs a second shot. Reconnecting with impressive candidates from the past can lead to unexpected magic. These prospects may have grown, evolved, and acquired new skills since you last connected. By reaching out with genuine interest, you can gather insights on their journeys, share updates about your team or company, and infuse your talent pipeline with fresh perspectives and experiences.

3. Hack-a-thons: Channeling Collective Genius: Engaging employees in talent sourcing can be a powerful approach to building a robust talent pipeline and boosting employee engagement. Host summer-themed hack-a-thons focused on talent search, and offer special summer-related incentives (e.g., concert tickets) for successful placements. By fostering inclusivity through virtual hack-a-thons, you can help create the type of healthy workplace culture that attracts and retains prospects by showing your willingness to accommodate individuals who may not be able to attend in-person events.

4. Connecting Informally: Where Magic Happens: Talent pipeline building, and acquisition don’t have to be overly formal. Create informal networking opportunities in unconventional and relaxed atmospheres. Imagine sunny parks, virtual picnics, or beachside conversations. These events allow potential talent to gauge their interest, while also providing you with an opportunity to do the same. Embrace inclusivity and accessibility by offering different options to connect, as everyone may have different comfort levels and circumstances.

5. Engaging Current Talent: Unleashing the Potential Within: Foster open communication with your current employees to understand their career aspirations and areas of interest within the company. This approach will help you better align your pipelining and acquisition strategies, enabling you to identify potential internal candidates for current and future roles. Additionally, it promotes knowledge retention and can enhance employee engagement.


Be intentional about leveraging opportunities to set yourself up for success!

As you leverage the power of summer to build your talent pipeline, remember that these strategies embrace the spirit of the season—relaxation, exploration, and connection. With a balanced approach that combines intentionality and inclusivity, you’ll create a talent pipeline that not only attracts top talent but also nurtures a vibrant and engaged workforce. Lastly, successful talent pipelining is a collective effort that does not solely rest within recruiting; it requires adaptability, creativity, and a genuine commitment to fostering connections from all.

Stay tuned for more Gems and Gemisodes™ coming your way in September. Until then, enjoy the sunshine, catch up on the posted Gems and Gemisodes™ you may have missed this year, and remember to make the most out of the remainder of the season by prioritizing your own wellness needs!