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A business and talent optimization consultancy leveraging data-backed people insights, including DiSC® and Predictive Index® assessments, to help inclusion-minded leaders advance strategy development processes. 

Our comprehensive and holistic approach to optimization is underpinned by our proprietary framework, AJEDI-B®, which embeds cognitive, behavioral, and emotional intelligence (EI)-based insights into strategy development. With AJEDI-B® as our differentiator, we offer advisory, coaching, and proprietary-developed training services designed to optimize and transform your business, culture, and talent experiences (TX).  

Every organization is in the business of people. Relevant, scalable, and successful optimization and talent experience (TX) strategies all have one thing in common — a holistic and consciously inclusive approach to people.


Combining over three decades of experience successfully integrating cognitive, behavioral, and emotional intelligence (EI) based insights into business and talent strategy, we offer a unique, researched backed approach to strategy development, coaching, training, and solutioning through a framework we call, AJEDI-B®.

It’s time to redefine and optimize your business and the talent experience (TX) — we can help!


Charmaine is a visionary, cultural architect, masterful connector, certified change practitioner, leadership coach, and renowned global executive business and Human Resource leader. With a knack for people, data, and business that’s been expertly honed over two decades, Charmaine has led many successful initiatives related to change management, operational and business development, leadership development, data analytics, employee engagement, and organizational design for large global companies. Additionally, she serves as a pro-bono consultant for non-profits unable to fund their business and talent development needs.

Fun Facts:  Charmaine is a Super Connector. Her DiSC style is C and her Predictive Index (PI) reference profile is Controller, which falls under the Analytical Profiles group. She loves to travel and once received 4 passport stamps in less than 80 hours (HKG > KUL > BKI > SGN)

Dr. claire

Dr. Claire is an award-winning social and racial justice advocate, sought-after inspirational speaker, executive business leader, and licensed clinical social worker.  Having worked in and held leadership positions at national non-profits, academic institutions, and private organizations, she has proven to be both abundantly strategic and compassionate in her skillful navigation and understanding of business, leadership development and the human condition.  Possessing two decades of human behavior and development training and experience, Dr. Claire cultivates and aligns individual well-being for organizational success.

Fun Facts:  Dr. Claire is a Super Communicator. Her DiSC style is Si and her Predictive Index (PI) reference profile is Maverick, which falls under the Social Profiles group. She’s known to break into random song and dance both at home and in public!



Chapter tOO has brought to the National CARES Mentoring Movement robust planning strategies that are leading to winning results. Charmaine and Claire are experts in human and organizational development. They partner brilliantly in applying concepts from their years of leadership in the corporate and social sectors. While there is no shortage of tools and techniques to guide organizations today, I find Chapter tOO’s approach far different. They are futurists, curious and patient, and have taken the time to understand our mission, vision and core values. They are proving to be invaluable in helping us with people processes and building a culture of mutual respect, accountability and other primary disciplines that must be in place to serve children and communities well and grow National CARES to the next level. For 27 years, I served as chief editor of Essence magazine. I would have navigated that path far more easily had I the support of Chapter tOO’s deep engagement and winning formulas.

We help inclusion-anchored leaders, change agents, and entrepreneurs clear on their ”why’’ redefine and optimize business and talent experience (TX) strategy models.

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Chapter tOO™ is the only talent and business optimization consultancy with the expertise to help you improve results by aligning and anchoring strategy development to holistic data-informed people and wellness insights. 

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