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We’re calling on consciously-inclusive anchored leaders and change agents to join us in actively redefining business and talent strategy development models while empowering those around them to do the same.

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AJEDI- B Masterclass®

Want to be a better ally for yourself and others? Designed to provide you with relevant and immediately applicable inclusion and ally-anchored principles,  this two-part training will move you from Angst to Anchored along the AJEDI-B® (Accessibility, Justice, Empathy, Diversity, and Inclusion, without which there is no Belonging) continuum. By the end, you’ll be “anchored” and empowered to cultivate more consciously inclusive environments.

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We’ve all been told that we’re ‘too’ something

Owning Your tOO™

“Your ‘too’ might be a superpower. Knowing how to effectively leverage your superpower(s) and that of those around you is necessary for personal and organizational  success. In this training, we’ll teach you how to recognize and leverage superpower(s) to improve business and talent results while inspiring, motivating and empowering those around you to do the same.

Improve Business and People Results with EI

The ROI of AJEDI-B and Emotionally Intelligent Redesigned Strategy™

Business and talent strategies may fail to produce intended results due to one critically missing component. In this training, we’ll reveal that component and teach you how to design impactful, scalable, financially sound, and inclusion-anchored practices to best position your business and talent for success.


Wellness X Design™

Thriving, innovative, and profitable businesses and environments begin and end with healthy people. Join us for an educational and insightful exploration on how to best unlock innovation, foster belonging, and improve overall results through the intentional integration of human experience (hx) and wellness-centered practices into business.
eliminate your biggest talent competition (YOU)

The Great Realignment™

The Great Resignation? We instead call this movement The Great Realignment. In this training, we help you assess your today and redesign your tomorrow by aligning the activities and actions necessary to increase engagement and eliminate your biggest talent and recruitment competitor: YOU.

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Chapter tOO™ is the only talent and business optimization consultancy with the expertise to help you improve results by aligning and anchoring strategy development to holistic data-informed people and wellness insights. 

Join for the insights, stay for the anchored growth.

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