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Coaching, Mentoring and Therapy: Digging Into The Differences

Have you ever wondered whether there was a difference between coaching, mentoring & therapy?  We’re here to confirm that there IS and we’ve broken it down for you below:

First things first: Coaching is not therapy! While it is true that Dr. Claire is a trained and licensed mental health practitioner in the State of New York, when it comes to Chapter tOO, she engages solely as a consultant, coach and trainer, not as a therapist. Chapter tOO’s services do not include therapy.

Therapy generally focuses on the past and examines what happened in your life that impacts how you think, feel, and behave now. Therapy seeks to help you heal by gaining clarity about what you’ve been through, how the experiences made you feel then vs. now, what coping mechanisms, traumas, and triggers you’ve developed, and seeks to  identify ways to help you move forward.

Seeking a therapist or other support? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Talk to your medical care team and ask for recommendations  
  • If you have insurance, call and request a provider list in your area
  • Review the resources available at the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, also known as SAMHSA

In contrast,
coaching focuses on creating awareness in the present to help you effectively plan and identify solutions for what you desire personally and/or professionally. The coaching industry is vast and you’ll find coaches who specialize in various areas such as career transitions, leadership development, business, finances, spirituality, relationships and more! The important thing to remember is that a coach does not actually lead or advise, they take the client’s lead by supporting them in identifying and planning around the solutions and outcomes the client instinctively knows.

As for mentoring, the focus is on advising and guiding the mentee through various scenarios or situations they may eventually or, are presently facing. Advice and guidance often relate to areas in which the mentor has deep expertise, experiences and/or resources that can be leveraged to assist the mentee in making decisions.

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