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Leadership Fail Statements: A Gemisode™ Series

Collective cringe-y or face-palm moments often follow a combination of ill-timed, inappropriate or willfully unaware statements made by those in positions of power and authority. In this series, we examine the impact of actual statements made by leaders around the globe in response to internal or external issues, which, at times, overlap.

Alexander Pope first said, “to err is human” and so, we won’t ever reveal the ‘who’ behind the harm because shaming tactics often fall short of addressing root issues. Instead, our goal is to bring awareness to harm and educate those in positions (and those on their way) of power by providing alternative approaches that can be leveraged to create more inclusive environments moving forward. As always, we approach our examination and provide alternative responses through the lens of Accessibility, Justice, Empathy, Diversity, and Inclusion, without which there can be no true Belonging.

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